Project Description

This is a walnut hinged top double casing with push button latch for a pair of Uberti Colt single action army revolvers made by Wayne Hoosier for Imperial Russian Armory, which later became Imperial Miniature Armory.  The case will accommodate Uberti SAA army revolvers with up to the 7 1/2″ scale barrels.  The walnut case has finger jointed corners, and a nice ogee detail to the top corners.  The interior is English fit & lined in red felt.  The interior top has the Colt SAA loading & care instructions label.  Includes two dummy Frankford Arsenal 12 round cartridge boxes.  The bottom has a small rectangular brass plaque marked “IMPERIAL RUSSIAN ARMORY” with a crown.  Nice condition, but the top does show a few handling dings.  Price:  $200.00.