Project Description

This is a 47% scale miniature Colt 1860 Army revolver made by Uberti in Italy.  Fully functional, but non-firing.  Beautifully factory hand engraved with about 75% vine & scroll coverage.  The hammer engraved with the depiction of a wolf’s head.  The frame, barrel, backstrap, & triggerguard are silver plated.  The cylinder is gold plated.  The loading lever assembly and hammer are case colored.  The trigger, wedge, and screws are charcoal blue.  An interesting combination of finishes, and the only one I have ever seen like this.  One piece nicely figured rosewood grip. Factory roll marked barrel address, .44 Cal marked triggerguard, roll stamped cylinder with the Ormsby Colt naval battle scene. The frame, barrel, triggerguard, and backstrap all stamped with the serial # “001”.  The cylinder stamped “01”.  Complete with a mahogany hinged top case with key lock.  The interior bottom English fit and lined in a burgundy felt.  The interior top lined in the same material and with the Colt loading instructions lid label.  Accessories include a powder flask, a gold plated bullet mold, a gold plated nipple wrench/screwdriver, a three piece brass oiler, two cap tins one of which is gold plated, four dummy period cartridge packets, and the case key.  Near mint condition showing only the most minor of handling, I’d call it 98%.  The case with some minor bumps, scratches.  Price: $1,750.00.