Project Description

!!!!!ON HOLD!!!!!  This is a tin toy cap cannon or howitzer by an unknown maker, probably made in the 1950’s – 1960’s.  It is all stamped sheet metal construction.  Most of the metal is painted in a normal army olive drab green, except the wheel tracks which are gray.  I think this would shoot the “Greenie Stickum Caps”.  There is a hammer and a thumb or finger trigger, and a recess in the breech for a cap.  This cannon originally had a working elevation feature, but sadly the gear on the shaft driven by the worm gear is missing.  Still a really neat piece & early toy if pretty good shape.  Most toys like this were destroyed years ago by kids like me!  I know guys who have all of their toys from when they were a kid.  I’m not one of those guys!  Condition wise, with the exception of the previously mentioned missing gear, it’s in about 95% original condition with just some minor surface rust to the parts that weren’t painted or plated, and the areas around the hammer & breech which have minor surface rust from the corrosive caps of the day.  Another piece that has been gathering dust on a shelf in my office!  Price:  $75.00.  !!!!!ON HOLD!!!!!