Project Description

This is an antique full scale small single shot percussion pistol or derringer with screw off barrel, case, and accessories by an unknown maker.  Probably made in the 1860’s to 1880’s.  Although not a true miniature, many miniature collectors also collect these small garter, muff, or vest pocket pistols.  3 3/4″ long overall with a 1 3/8″ round smoothbore barrel of about .235 caliber.  Steel construction with a slab sided walnut grip.  The pistol has both half & full cock, & the barrel unscrews freely.  The muzzle end of the barrel with four notches to engage the barrel removal wrench.  Cased in a walnut hinged top case with pivoting latch.  The interior bottom French fit & lined in a red felt.  The interior top padded and lined in red felt.  Accessories include a functional small powder flask, a combination bullet mold, nipple wrench, & barrel wrench, and a fantastic lift top cap tin.  The top of the cap tin with the high relief  depiction of an eagle sitting on an anchor surrounded by stars & then a rope border.  The tin has seven of the proper size very small caps to fit the nipple on the pistol.  There is a lidded compartment, the lid with a brass knob, which contains two oxidized round lead bullets.  Excellent craftsmanship and mechanically perfect.  The steel parts of both the pistol & the mold are a pleasing smooth patina blue/gray.  The brass flask showing some freckling on one side.  The cap tin is mint.  Price:  $1,750.00.