Project Description

This is a 1/4 scale (approx) miniature Japanese Samurai warrior’s helmet by an unknown maker & possibly antique.  About 4″ front to back  & 5″ side to side at the bottom.  About 3 1/4″ tall fully extended.  Brass, leather, cloth, & what looks to be lacquered wood construction.  The crown of the helmet has many spikes, with an ornate riveted brass overlay.  The two “wings” and front of the helmet have beautiful ornate brass rosettes.  There is an orange round cord to tie the helmet to the head.  Beautiful and very intricate construction, and looks to be quite old if not actually antique.  Beautiful condition, even with some of the helmet spikes missing at the very bottom of the crown.  Stock # BD-11.  Price:  $400.00.