Project Description

!!!!!Price Further Reduced!!!!!

This is an antique 1/4 scale flintlock British military “Brown Bess” 3rd or “India” pattern smoothbore musket of the American Revolutionary War period to Napoleonic Wars made by an unknown maker.  13 1/16″ long overall with an 8 15/16″ round barrel of .193 caliber.  The barrel, lock assembly, sling swivels, and ramrod are steel that was originally finished in the white.  The buttplate, triggerguard, sideplate, nose cap, and ramrod thimbles are yellow brass.  The rear of the lockplate is stamped with a crown and the letters GR.  The left rear of the barrel is stamped with a crown and the letters TP.  This musket is fully functional with the barrel bored through to the touch hole.  the hammer has both half & full cock.  One piece walnut stock.  This piece shows considerable age and I am sure is antique by today’s standards.  The steel parts show a mostly smooth gray/brown patina.  The brass parts show a very aged golden brown patina.  The stock shows numerous handling marks and a look of great age.  A neat little musket!  Stock # JM-89.  Price Reduced:  $950.00.