Project Description

This is a 1/4 scale Colt single action army revolver by an unknown maker.  2 1/2″ long overall with a 1 1/4″ round barrel.  4 3/4″ barrel model with the smokeless type frame.  Most of the revolver is made of yellow brass with the exception of the case colored steel hammer, the steel cylinder pin finished in the white, and the steel screws finished in the white.  The piece is functional, has both half and full cock, a functional ejector rod, and the cylinder indexes properly when the hammer is retracted.  There is no loading gate, and looks like it was made that way.  The cylinder pin is held in place by a single screw entering from the right side.  One piece ivory grip with a really nice mellow aged patina.  Complete with a hinged top walnut case with flip latch.  The interior French fit and lined in a olive green felt.  The piece is in excellent condition, just showing the expected tarnishing to the brass.  It’s possible that this may be an early Alex Baez prototype as it is the same scale he made his Colt SAA’s in and really does resemble his work.  Price:  $1,250.00.