Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale German K-98 Mauser bolt action rifle by an unknown maker.  14 9/16″ long overall with a 8 1/8″ round barrel.  Blue steel finish except for the bayonet lug which is finished in the white and the rear sight elevator which has the top polished to show the blue graduation distance markings.  Fully functional including the rear sight, bolt release, safety, trigger, firing pin, etc.  Two piece straight grained walnut stock & hand guard.  No markings except for the rear sight graduations.  Beautiful typical precision German craftsmanship!  There is a similar rifle pictured in the book “The Art of Miniature Firearms – Centuries of Craftsmanship” on pages 276 – 277.  Like that one, this one was supposedly liberated by a U.S.G.I. when they occupied a Mauser factory at the end of World War II.  Beautiful condition showing 99+% original blue finish.  The stock shows some minor bumps & dings.  This is only the second one of these I have ever seen or heard of, & it is not the one in the book.  The one in the book does not have a proper leather sling & this one does!  Stock # MB-01.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!