Project Description

This is a 1/3 scale flintlock four barrel duck’s foot pistol by an unknown maker, but undoubtedly made in England.  3 7/8″ long overall with four 1 3/32″ smoothbore barrels of .188 caliber.  The one piece frame & barrel breach is made of yellow brass.  The balance of the metal parts are steel.  The hammer, top jaw, top jaw screw, frizzen, and trigger are case hardened.  The barrels, triggerguard, & screws are blued.  One piece rosewood slab sided grip with an oval silver escutcheon inlaid into the top rear of the grip.  The hammer has both half & full cock.  The barrels are numbered at the top rear, with matching numbers stamped into the front of the mating breech.  The sides of the frame hand engraved with a very typical British motif of shields, lances, and flags.  The brass frame with some modest line & border engraving.  The triggerguard & hammer screw engraved in a multi point star pattern.  The ends of the barrels have cuts to the bore in an eight point pattern.  These are to engage the tool for removing the barrels.  Most British miniature makers do not bore the barrels of their miniatures all the way through to conform with British law.  This maker did, but someone since has plugged the barrels with some kind of resin to conform to British law.  Cased in a hinged top rosewood case with two pivoting latches.  The case interior English fit & lined in a burgundy felt.  The lid with an inlaid round brass escutcheon.  Accessories include a brass & copper powder flask, a rosewood handled screwdriver, and a combination bullet mold-sprue cutter-barrel wrench.  There is a lidded compartment in the case with a brass lifting knob that contains two round lead bullets.  Other than the resin plugged barrels, the piece is in near mint condition, showing only very minor handling wear.  The accessories near mint as well.  The case interior is mint.  The case exterior shows some flaking to the lacquer finish, especially to the front of the lid.  This might be antique, or could have most likely been made by Andrew or Peter Dyson.  Excellent craftsmanship & really a nice looking piece.  It’s been years since I’ve had a miniature duck’s foot pistol!  Stock # TPM-455.  Price:  $2,250.00.