Project Description

This is a beautiful & very finely constructed 1/3 scale ball butt wheellock pistol made in the German style of the late 1500’s by an unknown maker.  Most likely made in the mid to late 1900’s.  3 1/8″ long overall with a 1 7/8″ part octagon part round blued steel barrel of .112 caliber.  The frame, hammer, top jaw, triggerguard, pan, sliding pan cover, open work wheel cover, ramrod tip, and some other small parts are solid gold.  I have not had it tested, but probably 10 or 12 karat.  The sideplate, top jaw screw, trigger, wheel shaft, ramrod shaft, & screws are steel finished in the white.  The external springs are fire blued steel.  The one piece stock & ball butt are finely engraved in a scroll & leaf pattern.  The pan cover is spring loaded.  When retracted to prime the wheel, there is a button between the wheel & hammer that when pushed springs the pan cover rearward to protect the priming charge.  Complete with the original hinged top ebony case with push button latch.  The case top with an inlaid brass escutcheon.  The case interior bottom French fit and lined in a dark blue felt.  The case interior lid lined in a dark blue silk.  Accessories include a round powder flask with solid gold sides, one side finely engraved.  The center parts of the flask are steel finished in the white.  Also includes a cross shaped screwdriver and wheel lock spanner wrench that is finished in the white.  In removing the lock to inspect the internal lock work, there is a turned notch in the forward lock retaining screw too allow passage of the ramrod.  The interior of the lock is just as finely constructed and finished as the exterior.  Beautiful near mint condition showing just some minor thinning to the barrel blue.  A beautiful piece worthy of the most advanced collection.  Stock # TDM-456.  Price:  $7,500.00.