Project Description

This is a 1/12 scale .50 caliber miniature muzzle loading cannon accessory kit by an unknown maker.  This set would be for a cannon with a bore of about 6 1/2″ deep.  The case is quarter sawn oak with finger jointed corners.  The lid is lift off type, no hinges.  Accessories include 6 .50 caliber lead cannon balls, A double ended ramrod/sponge, a bore worm, a powder scoop, a straight spike, a twisted spike, a linstock for holding the fuse to ignite the touch hole powder, a powder horn for touch hole powder, and 2 wooden levers for levering the barrel and/or carriage.  The base interior bottom is lined in a victorian crimson velvet.  The case exterior bottom lined in green felt.  There is a brass plaque afixed to the front of the case which engraved in script “Garrison Gun, Circa 1850, No 27”.  Includes 2 pages of paperwork, one that talks about the gun these accessories were made for, the other with a diagram and explaination of what each tool is for.  A really exceptional set!  Price:  $250.00.