Project Description

This is a 47% scale Colt single action army “Flat Top Target Model” revolver.  This started out life as a standard Uberti SAA with 7 1/2″ barrel, blue & case colored finish, and one piece walnut grip.  Master gunsmith Terry Farrand of Minnesota cut off the top strap, machined a flat top target top strap from bar stock, then micro welded it to the Uberti frame, grinding & polishing it out to perfection.  He then removed the standard blade type front sight and machined the flat top target model front sight base from bar stock, micro welded it to the barrel, and made the brass insert that is adjustable for elevation, and the set screw. He then made the new machined rear sight which is dovetailed into the topstrap.  The whole miniature revolver was then expertly polished and brought up to the special high polish finish of the flat top target models, then blued.  Unlike the standard Colt SAA revolvers, the flat top target models did not have case colored frames, they were high polish blue like the rest of the revolver.  He also polished the sides of the case colored hammer in the white, which is correct for a flat top target model.  The hammer has a checkered spur.  The one piece walnut grip was removed and replaced with checkered black hard rubber two piece grips with yellow brass escutcheons and a single blue screw entering from the left side.  The top of the grips, made by Eagle Grips, show the rampant Colt logo on each side and the bottom of the grips shows a spread winged eagle with shield on each side.  Fully functional, but non-firing.  6″ long overall with a 3 7/16″ rifled barrel of .21 caliber. Features include high polished blue finish, black powder frame with the round “Bullseye” ejector rod button & the cylinder pin retained by a screw. The triggerguard is stamped 45 CAL on the left side just behind the trigger. The frame stamped with the two patent dates on the left side.  The top of the barrel with the factory roll stamped italics one line barrel address.  The bottom of the barrel marked “UBERTI – ITALY”.  Serial number Bo67 stamped into the frame & trigger guard, & backstrap, 76 is stamped into the loading gate hinge.  Near mint new as made condition, the top strap, backstrap, & triggerguard starting to turn a plum purple color.  Includes the brown leather luggage type hinged top case with reinforced corners & two leather straps & buckles to close.  The interior is English fit & lined in a green felt.   The interior top is padded.  Accessories include a three piece brass oil bottle, a brass cleaning rod, and 24 solid brass dummy cartridges with “W – W .45 COLT” headstamps.  The interior case lid has the paper Colt operating instructions label.  Terry Farrand, who passed away about 15 years ago, converted only about maybe six of these flat top target models, all but one for Joel Morrow.  Price:  $1,350.00.