Project Description

This is a 47% scale miniature Colt 1847 Walker percussion revolver made by Uberti in Italy.  Fully functional, but non-firing.  7 1/4″ long overall with a 4 1/4″ long rifled barrel.  Blue and case colored finish, brass triggerguard, with a pretty one piece dark rosewood grip.  This miniature has the cylinder properly finished in the white.  All Colt Walker percussion revolvers came from the factory with the cylinders finished in the white.  The top flat of the barrel lug stamped with the factory barrel address.  Serial # 185 marked on the bottom of the frame, barrel lug, triggerguard, & backstrap.  The cylinder properly roll engraved with the Ormsby cylinder scene.  The right side of the barrel lug is marked US, 1847 in two lines just above the wedge.  Checkered hammer spur.  The bottom of the barrel marked “A. UBERTI – ITALY”.  Mint new condition except for a few tiny blemished on the left barrel lug underneath the wedge.  Stock # PP-12.  Price:  $750.00.