Project Description

This is a Colt single action army revolver made in Italy by Uberti. 5 1/4″ long overall with a 3 1/2″ .21 caliber rifled barrel. Gold and silver plated finish, with gold plated screws, & a pre-ban one piece ivory grip. Beautifully engraved in American scroll with about 50% coverage. Serial # 1150. Excellent high quality engraving, and high quality ivory grip. The two patent dates are stamped into the left front of the frame, the left rear of the triggerguard with the caliber marking. Knurled hammer spur. Early black powder “pinched” frame, round ejector rod button, and the cylinder pin secured by a screw. Fully functional but non-firing.  Yes, even though that looks like blue finished steel on the barrel, frame, backstrap, & triggerguard, that is silver plating that has oxidized to look like blue, & it is absolutely gorgeous!  This is almost an exact duplicate of the Colt SAA revolvers that Uberti made for the “Presidential Edition” U.S. Historical Society Colt SAA’s, except it does not have the barrel address, the checkering on the grip, & it does have the Uberti “A. UBERTI-ITALY” roll stamp marking on the underside of the barrel.  Very possibly an early prototype for the USHS.  Mint condition except for the afore mentioned oxidation to the silver, which I find to be very attractive!  Price:  $1,050.00.