Project Description

This is a 47% scale miniature Colt 1860 Army revolver made by Uberti in Italy with the original Uberti green cardboard box with the Uberti markings and inventory numbers.  Fully functional, but non-firing.  Charcoal blue and case colored finish with one piece walnut grip.   “.44 Cal” marked triggerguard, the front left of the frame marked “COLT’S, PATENT” in two lines.  Roll engraved cylinder with the Ormsby naval scene and the serial number 83.  Serial number ZO83 stamped into the bottom of the barrel lug, the bottom front of the frame, the bottom front of the triggerguard, and the bottom of the backstrap.  The bottom of the barrel hidden by the loading lever is marked with the very unusual markings “HEGE” then “BKA, ……., 142” in a triangle.  There is a white paper string tag tied to the triggerguard with the inventory number 105644.  The original box also has this number on a white label in black marker on one end.  The box interior has two pieces of cream colored foam to protect the miniature.  Also included is a small rectangular brass plaque engraved “Colt, Mod. 1860 Army” in a small Ziplock bag.  I have only seen two other Uberti miniatures with their original boxes, one years ago & one I bought at the same time as this one & will be listing shortly.  Both of these came from Germany.  Back when I was buying miniatures directly from Uberti, they came to me with no box in a Ziplock sandwich bag!  If you’re one of those collectors that likes there stuff to be absolutely pristine and new in the original box with all the box candy, then this is your kind of deal!  Unlike most of the other Uberti miniatures Colt revolvers which were made until about 2008, these miniature 1860 Colt revolvers have not been made in well over 30 years.  Price:  $850.00.