Project Description

This is a 47% scale miniature Colt 1860 “Presidential Edition” Army revolver sold by the United States Historical Society.  These were a limited edition made by Uberti in Italy, under license from Colt, for the U.S. Historical Society in the 1980’s.  These fancy engraved “Presidential Edition” miniature Colts were made in far fewer numbers than the normal plain “Classic Edition” models, and were far more expensive.  6 1/2″ long overall with a 3 3/4″ rifled round barrel of .21 caliber.   Fully functional, but non-firing.  Beautifully factory hand engraved, mostly in scrolls, with full frame coverage, 50% barrel coverage, 50% backstrap coverage, and 25% triggerguard coverage.  Charcoal blue and casecolored finish, except for the gold plated triggerguard and the nickel silver front sight.  One piece pre-ban ivory grip showing some nice grain and just a little age patina.  Factory roll marked barrel address, “.44 Cal” marked triggerguard, “COLT’S PATENT” stamped into the left front of the frame.  The cylinder is roll stamped with the Ormsby naval battle scene.  Serial # 175 is stamped into the bottom of the barrel, frame, triggerguard, and backstrap.  75 is stamped into the side of the cylinder.  Complete with the original USHS glass topped mahogany hinged top casing with slide latch.  The interior French fit with a red felt lining. The Colt logo is etched into the right rear corner of the glass.  There is a brass rectangular plaque inside the case that is engraved “1860 ARMY COLT MINIATURE, PRESIDENTIAL EDITION, COLT FIREARMS, UNITED STATES HISTORICAL SOCIETY” in four lines.  Typical mint new condition.  Also includes the original miniature Colt factory letter with the Colt embossed stamp hand signed my Colt historian M.S. Huber.  Unlike all the other Uberti miniature Colts, which were made until about 2008, these 1860 miniature Colt revolvers have not been made in over 40 years.  Price:  $1,500.00.