Project Description

This is a 47% Colt 1851 Navy revolver as issued by the United States Historical Society back in the 1980’s. This miniature is the “Classic Edition” and was made by Uberti under license from Colt for the USHS. Fully functional, but non-firing. 6 1/4″ long overall with a 3 1/2″ octagon rifled barrel of .17 caliber. The frame, hammer, rammer, and loading lever are case colored. The balance of the steel parts are charcoal “blue” blue.  The triggerguard, backstrap, and cone type front sight are yellow brass.  Beautiful one piece highly figured walnut grip.  The top of the barrel roll stamped with the Colt barrel address. The front left of the frame marked COLT’S PATENT in two lines. 36 CAL marked at the left rear of the triggerguard. The cylinder roll stamped with the Ormsby sailing ship naval battle scene. The serial number 500 is stamped into the barrel lug, frame, triggerguard, backstrap, and cylinder. Complete with the original special ordered USHS glass top mahogany casing with Colt etched into the right rear corner of the glass.  These glass top cases were standard on the Presidential Edition USHS Colt miniatures, but were a special order option on the Classic Edition miniatures.  The interior is French fit with light blue velour lining.  There is a rectangular brass plaque on the interior bottom left that reads “1851 COLT NAVY MINIATURE, CLASSIC EDITION, COLT FIREARMS, UNITED STATES HISTORICAL SOCIETY”, in four lines.  The bottom of the case covered in a brown felt.  Complete with the original manila bottom and brown top cardboard lift top box.  The revolver is in mint new condition.  The case shows a few minor handling marks.  This is a rare special order factory case option that I have seen only on a couple other occasions!   Price: $850.00.