Project Description

This is a 1/2 scale Colt “Baby” Paterson black powder percussion five shot revolver with the Ehler’s loading lever made by Tom Weston of Mexico City, Mexico, circa 1950 – 1965.  This exact set is pictured on page 142 of Arthur Brown’s book “Miniature Guns of Mexico”.  The revolver is 3 1/8″ long overall with a 1 9/16″ octagon barrel of .118 caliber.  Highly polished bright charcoal blue steel finish.  One piece straight grained walnut grip.  Blued cone front sight.  Fully functional, including the folding trigger, the cylinder does index when the hammer is cocked, & the hammer has both half & full cock.  The top barrel flat hand engraved “- Patent Arms  Paterson NJ – Colt’s Pt -“, in script.  The hammer spur is serrated.  Accessories include the six spout fully functional copper & brass powder flask, with the ball dropper on the opposite end.  The middle band of the flask hand engraved “* Patent Arms M’g Co. Paterson N.J.-Colt’s Pt- *”.  There is a raised, finely knurled section in the middle the top & bottom bands.  Also included is an extra cylinder with nipples, a three legged blued steel bullet mold with walnut handles & brass ferules that cast a single round ball, the combination tool which is a nipple wrench, vent pick, screwdriver, and loading rammer.  The ball end of the tool with a raised serrated band in the middle.  Next is a walnut handled blue steel cleaning rod with brass ferrule & a threaded jag end, and a fully functional brass Paterson capper with a copper embossed lid.  Excellent near mint condition with just the most minor signs of handling.  The bullet mold shows some blue flaking.  All of the above cased in a hinged top mahogany case with key lock, the key is missing.  The interior French fit & lined in a dark purple felt.  The case lid with the proper Paterson ogee around the perimeter edge, and the proper inlaid rectangular brass escutcheon with scalloped corners.  The case bottom with the oval red enamel on brass Weston name plate held in place by two small brass nails.  The case is much larger than any Weston cased Baby Paterson I have ever seen measuring 5 1/4″ X 3 1/2″ X 1″.  The case is also in near mint condition showing just the most minor signs of handling.  I’d call this piece 98%.  I can identify this piece as the exact one in Art Brown’s book by the small oval silver spot on the flask, the flaking blue on the mold sprue cutter, a tiny chip on the inside back edge of the case, and several other small details.  This is the only cased Baby Paterson like this that I have ever seen.  Stock # GB-03.  Price:  $5,500.00.