Project Description

This is a 1/3 scale 1847 Colt Walker Dragoon revolver made by the legendary Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico back in the late 1940’s to 1950’s. This is often called the 6″ Walker by Weston collectors, as Weston made miniature Walkers in four different scales, this being the second to largest. 6 1/4″” long overall with a 3 7/16″ part round part octagon barrel of about .16 caliber. The piece is fully functional, and would fire given the proper percussion caps, powder, and lead bullets, but it sold strictly as a collectors piece. The top barrel flat is marked “ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY”. The left side of the barrel lug, the left side of the frame, and the bottom of the gripstrap are marked “A COMPANY No 35”. The bottom rear of the barrel, the bottom front of the frame, and the bottom front of the triggerguard stamped with the number “35”. The right side of the barrel lug marked “US” and “1847” in two lines. Checkered hammer spur, the hammer has both half and full cock, and has the typical 4 clicks when cocked. The cylinder with the typical round cylinder stop notches without approaches. The piece is made of steel, which has been rust blued except for the triggerguard and blade front sight which are yellow brass, and the frame, hammer, loading lever, and loading rammer which are very nicely case colored. The grips are one piece Rosewood. The piece is 100% mechanically, and still shows about 95% of the original rust blue finish, though is is starting to turn purplish in areas, and does show edge wear, cylinder turn marks, and some minor handling scratches. The brass is a very dark beautifully aged patina and shows no signs of ever having been cleaned. Some might argue that this piece was actually made by Fred Thacker in El Paso, Texas, a valid argument, as both Weston and Thacker used some of the same craftsmen. ┬áPrice: $1,150.00.

Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-24 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-23 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-22 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-21 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-20 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-19 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-18 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-17 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-16 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-15 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-14 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-13 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-12 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-11 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-10 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-9 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-8 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-7 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-6 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-5 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-4 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-3 Weston-Third-Walker-A-Co-35-2