Project Description


This is a 1/4 scale Remington rolling block saddle ring carbine made by either Fred Thacker of El Paso circa 1950 to mid 1960’s, or Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, Mexico circa mid 1940’s to mid 1960’s.  7 3/4″ long overall with a 4″ round barrel.  This piece is fully functional & shoots the 2mm rimfire blank cartridges.  Beautiful fire blue finished steel except for the hammer & breach block which are case colored.  Dovetailed windage adjustable front sight.  Two leaf flip carbine rear sight.  The saddle ring bar & saddle ring on the left side.  Carbine type buttplate.  No markings which is typical of a Thacker, but it could still be a Weston.  Walnut stock & forearm.  Complete with a nice glass topped mahogany case.  The interior French fit & lined in a red felt.   There is a brass container in the right rear of the case that contains two solid brass dummy cartridges.  Also includes a horn handled blue steel cleaning/ejector rod.  The carbine is in beautiful near mint 99% condition, the finish showing only a couple very small spots of minor finish wear.  The right top edge of the walnut case is broken off & missing.  Someone probably didn’t know how to open the puzzle box case & broke it off.  Price Reduced:  $1,500.00.