Project Description

This is a 1/4 scale 1847 Colt Walker dragoon revolver made by the legendary Tom P. Weston of Mexico City, probably in the 1950’s.  4″ long overall with a 2 1/4″ part octagon part round barrel of .115 caliber.  Blued steel finish except for the case colored hammer, yellow brass triggerguard, and yellow brass blade front sight.  The top of the barrel has the proper barrel address “ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY”.  The left side of the barrel lug, the left side of the frame, and the bottom of the gripstrap marked “A COMPANY NO 54”.  The bottom of the barrel lug, frame, triggerguard, and the left side of the hammer marked “54”.  The left side of the barrel lug marked “US, 1847” in two lines.  Checkered hammer spur, the hammer has both half and full cock and has a crisp action when the trigger is pulled.  One piece high relief carved ivory grip depicting an American eagle and shield motif on the left side.  This grip is unusual in that they are usually the much more common Mexican eagle on cactus with snake.  This piece is fully functional and shoot-able.  Complete with the original Weston mahogany hinged top casing with push button latch.  The case interior French fit and lined in red leather.  Accessories include a “Colt’s Patent” marked blue steel three legged bullet mold, a “Colt’s Patent” marked brass powder flask with bullet compartment and spring loaded spout, the combination screwdriver/mainspring vise/nipple wrench, a nice quantity of cast lead conical bullets, a pill capsule with one extra nipple, and the rarest item of all, a pill capsule of the original percussion caps!  The percussion caps and extra nipples are nearly always missing.  There are two compartments, one of which stores the bullets in the right rear corner, the lid missing the small ivory knob.  The other compartment is where the pill capsules of percussion caps and extra nipple are stored, and it is missing the lid.  There is a piece of photographic paper in the lid with the Colt loading instructions.  On the backside is marked in pencil “Tom Wesson, Mexico city (1950’s)”.  Excellent condition showing about 90% original charcoal blue, the balance turning a smooth gray/brown patina with no pitting.  Very rare and seldom offered for sale.  PRICE: $3,500.00.