Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a 1/2 scale Lanchester sub-machine gun made by master miniature maker Tim Olson.  17 5/8″ long overall with a 4 1/8″ barrel of .186 caliber.  Blue steel finish except for the magazine housing, buttplate, & buttplate trapdoor which are yellow brass.  One piece straight grained walnut stock.  Front & rear sling swivels.  The muzzle and bottom of the barrel jacket fitted with a bayonet mount.  The buttplate has a trapdoor for an oiler or cleaning kit, with are not included.  Two leaf 90 degree flip rear sight.  Checkered magazine release and the cap at the rear of the receiver.  Serrated take down lever.  Mint new as made except the magazine release spring and the small brass part on the bottom of the magazine well that locks the magazine in place are both missing.  Stock # JM-11. !!!!!SOLD!!!!!