Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a desk or table lamp made by an unknown maker that incorporates three different Michael J. Barrett 1/2 scale Thompson sub-machine guns as the focal point.  The lamp is expertly made of oak and polished brass.  The bottom of the lamp has a lazy Susan type turntable so the guns can be rotated to view your favorite, or to show the differences.  At the bottom of the lamp base .45 ACP cartridges are used as spacers.  The Thompsons each sit on their buttplates on a special oak base.  The muzzles are held in place at the oak top piece by a brass rod of slightly smaller than bore diameter with a brass ball on it’s end.  There is a small oak spacer that fits between the muzzle and the bottom of the top oak piece.  The rod can be removed from the muzzle to remove the gun from the lamp for inspection.  The shade shown is a typical woven lamp shade in a tan color, and is held in place with a brass acorn finial.  The shade is now missing, but a new shade can be purchased at any Walmart or Target for less than $15.00.  The lamp has an extra long cord about 16 feet long.

Gun 1:  Mike Barrett 1/2 scale Thompson Model 1921, serial # 1776, removable buttstock, finned barrel, vertical fore grip, Cutts compensator, Lyman rear sight, 50 round “L” drum magazine, polished blue finish.  Mikes initials stamped into the bottom of the fore grip bracket.  Mint condition.

Gun 2:  Mike Barrett 1/2 scale Thompson Model 1921, serial # 1492, removable buttstock, finned barrel, horizontal forearm, Lyman rear sight, stick magazine.  Polished blue finish except for the magazine which is Parkerized.  Mikes initials stamped into the bottom of the fore grip bracket.  Near mint condition with just a few small freckles.

Gun 3:  Mike Barrett 1/2 scale Thompson Model 1928-A1, serial # 1945, horizontal forearm, military type rear sight, stick magazine, Parkerized finish.  No markings showing, but obviously a Barrett, and may be marked on the bottom of the bolt.  Near mint condition except for a small rust spot on the rear sight and some edge wear tot he finish on the magazine.

I bought this lamp with the intention of removing the three miniature Thompsons, selling them individually, and throwing the lamp away or re purposing it somehow.  The three miniature Thompsons are easily worth $8,500.00 if sold individually.  After living with it for a few weeks, I think this piece is just too cool to destroy.  This is a wonderful piece of art, so I’m going to offer it for sale intact if someone is interested, at a price less that what just the three Thompsons are worth to try to keep the lamp intact.  If after a time, it does not sell, I may revisit that first option.  Stock # JB-01.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!


Gun 1:

Gun 2:

Gun 3: