Project Description

This is the first miniature firearm Larry Smith ever made, made when he was in his early teens.  I spoke with Larry on the telephone, & he told me the story I relate below.  It is about a 1/3 scale rough copy of a Colt #5 “Texas” Paterson revolver.  At that time Larry had no machine shop tools, everything was done with files, normal garage tools, and a hand drill!  The piece is 5 3/8″ long overall with a 3 1/8″ barrel.  The barrel, frame, and grip straps are made of lead.  The cylinder and front sight bead are brass.  The grip looks to be one piece walnut with a varnish finish.  The hammer cocks, and fires when the trigger is pulled, and it shoots the common 2mm pinfire cartridges!  The piece is crude, as you would expect from a young teenager with no training or tools.  The top of the barrel is hand lettered “-LHS – FLA – U.S. -“.  I think it is a unique piece of miniature history, and thought others might like to hear the story & see some photos.  Not For Sale!