Project Description

!!!!!Price Further Reduced!!!!!

This is a 1/3 scale cased pair of ivory stocked Dutch Maastrich pistols by master miniature maker Stanley Blashak of Pennsylvania.  Each pistol measures 8 1/2″ long overall with 4 3/4″ long part round part octagon smoothbore barrel of .19 caliber.  Beautiful and ornately hand carved ivory one piece stocks, the butt of which depict the helmeted head of a warrior.  The barrels and lock assemblies are steel finished in the white, and modestly but expertly engraved.  The locks feature both half and full cock.  The furniture is silver, again modestly but expertly engraved, and shows just enough tarnish that you know that it is in fact silver. Ivory ramrods with silver tips.  Cased together in a great walnut hinged top casing with rotating slide latch.  The interior French fit and lined in black velour, which makes for a marvelous contrast!  There are two compartments in the case, and both lids are walnut with diamond shaped carved ivory inlays and ivory knobs.  The accessories include an ivory powder flask with ivory violin peg stopper and silver mountings, a steel single cavity bullet mold with sprue cutter finished in the white, and an ivory handled screwdriver.  A gorgeous set by a well respected master maker. This piece was made when Stanley was in his prime, and the workmanship is just outstanding. Very seldom offered for sale.  From the personal miniature collection of Joel Morrow.  Stock # JM-69.  Price Further Reduced:  $3,500.00.