Project Description

!!!!!ON HOLD!!!!!  This is a brown single holster miniature gunbelt rig made by an unknown maker in Mexico.  This is a good quality knock off of a Tad Mizwa gunbelt & holster rig.  This is made to fit the 47% scale Colt single action army revolvers made by Uberti. The belt measures about 24″ long. The belt and single loop holster are profusely hand carved and tooled, and the holster is made for the 4 3/4″ or 5 1/2″ barrel length versions of the Colt SAA.  The stitching is the proper scale, and the back of the holster is laced not sewn.  12 cartridge loops.  Includes 12 dummy cartridges with brass cases and aluminum bullets.  The cartridges are headstamped “W – W .45 COLT”.  Both the holster and belt are fully lined in kid goat leather.  This is a miniature of a fancy drop Buscadero gunbelt rig.  Cast yellow brass buckle.  The back side of the belt stamped IMA SR200.  Really nice, high quality work!  !!!!!ON HOLD!!!!!