Project Description

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!

This is a 1/4 scale Soviet AK-47 assault rifle made by Sergey Sinekov in Russia.  6 3/4″ long with a 3 1/16″ round barrel of about .065 caliber.  Machined and sheet steel construction, finished in the white.  Wood stock, pistol grip, and hand guards.  Serial # 003 engraved into the right side of the bolt.  The buttplate stamped with a five point star and 2009.  The action is functional, but seems to be in a bind with the top cover on.  It works fine with the top cover removed, so just needs a little tweaking.  You can cock the bolt and it will fire when the trigger is pulled with the top cover removed.  Functional magazine with spring loaded follower.  Mint new as made, it does show some minor tool marks, but it’s a pretty neat & well done miniature considering the complexity of the piece and the small scale.  I originally bought this piece & imported it into the US back in  2009 or 2010.  Price Reduced:  $450.00.