Project Description

This is a cased pair of Jailer’s key pistols made by the late Ron DeWalt of Michigan made in the mid to late 1990’s.  The key part of both pistols are made of brass.  The hammer, triggers, & pins are steel.  The hammers & triggers are blued, the hammers with serrated spurs.  The pins are finished in the white.  These are early pill lock pistols.  A pellet of fulminate would be placed into the touch hole, & would explode when crushed by the hammer setting off the powder charge in the barrel.  The smaller pistol is 2 7/16″ long overall with a 15/16″ barrel of about .100 caliber.  The larger pistol is 4 7/8″ long with a 2″ barrel of about .178 caliber.  Cased together in a glass top mahogany puzzle box type case.  The left edge removed to slide the glass out to access the pistols.  The case interior French fit & lined in red velour.  The bottom of the case lined in a white felt.  There is a rectangular white sticker on the bottom with ink notations of “KEY PISTOLS, 1/4 & 1/2 SCALES, Made By RON DEWALT, RED’D 5-17-98, BOUGHT FROM IMA, STOCK # 55 & 56”.  Ex Kennith Whichard collection.  Stock # TP-44.  Price:  $750.00.