Project Description

!!!!!SOLD!!!!!  This is a cased pair of 1/12 scale Colt 1851 Navy percussion revolvers made by E. Richard Bonham in England, probably in the 1980’s to 1990’s.  These were made in a limited edition of 50, of which this one is number 11.  The revolvers are 1 1/4″ long overall.  The frame, barrel, loading lever, & hammer look to be pewter & cast as one piece, and have cast in engraving.  The cylinder is a seperate piece & does revolve.  The triggerguard & backstrap are cast as one piece in yellow brass.  The grips look to be ivory, but may be bone.  Accessories include a non-functional brass powder flask with embossed cannon, flags, & rifles on one side only, and a functional three legged bullet mold with two round ball cavities.  There are two cap tins with labels and two cartridge packets that are glued into the case bottom.  The hinged top case looks to be rosewood, & has no latch, just a simulated keyhole with brass escutcheon.  The interior of the case lid has the typical Colt loading instructions label.  The exterion bottom of the case has a paper label which reads “COLT’S PISTOLS, MODEL OF 1851 NAVY, by E. Richard Bonham, Number 11 of 50”.  A really neat little set by a well respected English maker, and the only one I have ever seen.  !!!!!SOLD!!!!!