Project Description

These are very well done reproductions of the antique bullet mold combination tools that would have originally come with the antique percussion single shot, screw off barrel, drop trigger muff pistols, and maybe some antique revolvers, and were made by Jerry Missimer of Pennslyvania. These were reproduced from an original that I have in one of the antique sets that I have for sale. These are actually a combination tool which includes a bullet mold, a nipple wrench, a barrel wrench, and a sprue cutter. These may or may not work on your particular pistol, as there are several size variations, but they are close enough to look correct in a cased set if yours is missing. Both are made of yellow brass. The black ones have been chemically darkened to look like blued steel. These are very often missing in theses antique period cased sets. Price: $125.00/each.

Mini-muff-pistol-bullet-mold-2 Mini-muff-pistol-bullet-mold-3 Mini-muff-pistol-bullet-mold-4 Mini-muff-pistol-bullet-mold-5