Project Description

This is a 1/2 scale Model 1902 P-08 “Cartridge Counter” Luger made by master miniature maker Raymond E. Hutchens of Indiana.  4 1/4″ long overall with a 1 15/16″ rifled barrel of .174 caliber.  The barrel has the proper number of lands & groves, to the proper depth & width, with the proper rate of twist.  High polish blue finish except for the properly straw hardened small parts, the safety bar on the left side which is in the white, and the grip screws which are fire blued.  Dovetailed front sight with a serrated rear edge, fixed “V” notch rear sight.  Beautifully properly checkered dark walnut grips.  The left grip with the clear window and markings to show how many rounds are remaining in the magazine.  The top of the chamber area of the slide stamped with the spread winged American eagle with olive branches and arrows in it’s claws.  The top of the toggle stamped with the intertwined DWM logo.,  The serial number 22410 stamped into the front of the frame below the barrel and the bottom rear of the barrel.  The rear of the toggle assembly stamped 410 just behind the rear sight.  The dished toggles are serrated at the fat front edge.  The knob part of the safety also serrated.  The knob part of the take down lever is checkered, as is the follower button on the magazine.  Functional grip safety and thumb safety.  Mr. Hutchens made every roll die & marking punch for his miniatures.  The markings are done exactly the same way they were done at the factory on the full size pistols.  In addition, every part that is supposed to be hardened is, no shortcuts here!  This miniature is 100% fully functional, was proof tested, and was originally supplied with live 1/2 scale 9mm Parabellum centerfire cartridges.  Mr Hutchens made five of these Lugers, and they are featured on pages 23 – 30 in Joseph D. Kramer’s book “Scale Model Firearms”.  This beautiful miniature comes with the original single pistol ebony hinged top case with push button latch, and is the only one out of five to be so cased.  The case interior is French fit and lined in a green felt.  The push button latch looks to be gold, and is stamped with the DWM intertwined logo.  The bottom of the case stamped “HUTCH” with a likeness of an engravers vice which is his trademark.  I am including eight solid steel dummy cartridges made by Miniart in Russia which will feed, chamber, extract, & eject when the action is cycled manually, as well as one original Hutchens round with brass case, guilding metal bullet, nickel primer, and the headstamp “Ge. (at 12 o’clock) 6 (at 9 o’clock), 18 (at 3 o’clock), and D. (at 6 o’clock).   I’m also including a 1/2 scale Luger manual made by Imperial Miniature Armory.  Mr. Hutchens, in my opinion, is arguably the best miniature maker to ever walk the planet, equaled only by Leon Crottet in Switzerland.  Their pieces are nothing short of perfection!  See also serial numbers 22411, 22412, & 22414 that I have recently sold on my sold items page.  These three previously sold 1902 Luger cartridge counter pistols were all cased together, along with a fourth, in a beautiful ebony hinged top case with silver hardware.  The Serial number 22413 was sold to a collector in California many years ago at the Las Vegas antique Arms Show.  That one, and the three I have recently acquired, all came from that same case.  Again, this is the only Hutchens Luger that was cased singly in it’s own original Hutchens case, and has just come out of a very old miniature collection!  I only recently became aware that this fifth Hutchens 1902 cartridge counter Luger even existed!  If only the very best will do for you, then here it is!  Stock # BB-01.  Price:  $10,500.00.