Project Description

This is a 3/4 scale Smith & Wesson pre -WWII .357 Registered Magnum double action revolver made by master miniaturist & gunsmith Raymond E. Hutchens of Indiana.  This exact miniature featured on page 74 of Joseph D. Kramer’s book “Scale Model Firearms”.  6″ long overall with the installed snub nose ribbed rifled barrel which measures 2 5/16″ long with a bore diameter of .22.  The bore has the correct number of lands & grooves, to the correct depth, with the correct twist.  Solid steel machined construction with a the typical beautiful black blue high polish Smith & Wesson finish except for the hammer & trigger which are properly case hardened.  All parts that are supposed to be hardened are.  Two piece checkered rosewood grips with brass escutcheons and a single nickel plated screw entering from the left side.  The top of each grip has an inletted round nickel plated Smith & Wesson grip medallion.  All of the markings on this miniature were done in the exact same way Smith & Wesson did it.  Roll dies &, punch dies as necessary.  The left side of the barrel marked “SMITH & WESSON”.  The right side of the barrel marked “S. & W. .357 MAGNUM”.  The rib on top of the barrel is checkered.  The rear of the front sight is serrated, with a dovetailed gold insert.   The frame top strap is also checkered on each side of the rear sight.  The left rear of the frame marked with the intertwined S & W logo with “TRADE” at the top and “MARK” at the bottom.  The right front of the frame marked “MADE IN  U.S.A.”.  The rear lower portion of the rear sight is serrated.  The sight is screw adjustable for both windage & elevation.  The cylinder release is checkered, as is the hammer spur, and the end of the ejector.  The bottom of the butt, rear of the cylinder, the barrel in the channel where the ejector rod sits, and the back side of both grips marked with the serial # “47216”.  The frame and crane marked 4916, only visible when the cylinder is swung out.  The frame also marked “REG. 723″ only visible when the cylinder is swung out.  The bottom left front of the grip strap marked with Mr. Hutchens’ makers mark with is an engraver’s ball vise.  The front & rear of the grip strap, and the front of the trigger are serrated.  Complete with an extra barrel, with a checkered rib, which measures 5 27/32” long, and is marked just like the shorter barrel.  The front sight is pinned in place & looks more like a target sight.  Also included are six what looks to be live miniature 3/4 scale .357 magnum rounds of ammunition, but they may be dummies.  These have brass cases, nickel primers, and copper jacketed lead nose bullets.  The rounds are headstamped “.R.E.H S $ W .357 MAGNUM”.  All of the above housed in the original Hutchens black pebble grain hinged top case with flip latch.  There are nickel ball like protectors on the top corners of the lid, and an unadorned nickel escutcheon in the top center of the case held in place by two S & W grip medallions.  Mr. Hutchens is in my opinion the best miniature firearms maker to every walk the planet, equaled only by Leon Crottet in Switzerland.  Mr. Hutchens miniatures are nothing short of perfection in every conceivable way!  Mr. Hutchens made two of these 3/4 scale Smith & Wessons, but only this one has the extra barrel.  Stock # BD-02.  Price:  $9,500.00.