Project Description

!!!!!Price Further Reduced!!!!!

This is a true 1/2 or 50% scale Colt 1860 army percussion revolver made by master gunsmith and miniature maker Peter Dyson in England.  For those of you that do not know, Peter Dyson is the father of Andrew Dyson, also a master miniature maker.  This is not to be confused with one of the Uberti 47% scale Colt army revolvers.  Although only 3% larger, and that doesn’t sound like much, there is a big difference when you see & feel this revolver “in hand”  The last photo shows a Uberti 1860 beside this one for a comparison.  6 15/16″ long overall with a 4 1/16 round .22 caliber barrel.  In comparison, a Uberti 1860 Colt is 6 3/8″ long overall with a 3 3/4″ barrel.  All parts are made of steel with the exception of the sterling silver Tiffany style grip.  This revolver is profusely & elaborately scroll engraved with beautiful punch dot background work with about 75% coverage.  The barrel, frame, triggerguard, wedge & screws are silver plated.  The cylinder, rammer, loading lever, hammer, & trigger are gold plated.  The top of the barrel is hand engraved with the typical one line Colt barrel address “- ADDRESS SAML COLT HARTFORD CT. -”  The “L” in SAML is smaller, raised, and underlined.  The left front of the frame is engraved “COLT’S, PATENT” in two lines.  The bottoms of the frame, barrel, & triggerguard are all stamped with the serial number “1”.  Silver plated blade type front sight.  Checkered hammer spur, the sides of the hammer nose engraved with the typical “wolf’s head” motif.  The sterling silver Tiffany style grip is extremely ornate and massive!  The left side with an oval panel scene of soldiers with flags, the right side with a horse mounted helmeted soldier with a sword, & the rear with a shield.  The bottom of the grip features a remarkably detailed high relief spread winged eagle with olive branches in one claw and arrows in the other.  The barrel is bored through to the cylinder, but the cylinder is not bored through to the nipples, and the nipples are not bored, which is typical of English miniature makers.  Actually it is surprising that the barrel is bored through!  Beautiful near mint condition showing only the most minor signs of having been handled.  The silver plated parts with the expected aged tarnish.  Most likely a one-of-a-kind piece!  From the personal miniature collection of Joel Morrow.  Stock # JM-77.  Price Further Reduced:  $3,200.00.