Project Description

This is a pen flare launcher set made by Penguin Associates, Inc. for the U.S. Navy.  It consist of the pen handle, 7 spent flares, the red plastic flare holder, and the original instruction card that is wrapped around the flares & holder.   The instruction card is dated July 24, 1967.  These were meant for use to signal during distress.  The pen itself is not marked.  The flares are marked as shown in the photos, and are each marked U.S. NAVY.  The pen is as new. The flares as stated above are spent and have already been fired.  Also includes one Colt firearms live red star aerial flare which will shoot to an altitude of up to 400 feet, and last 5 to 8 seconds.  These are legal to own in most states, but may require special shipping.  Price:  $150.00.