Project Description

This is an original envelope for 12 capsules of 2mm pinfire cartridges, each capsule containing 12 2mm blank cartridges.  Included is one original unopened capsule of 12 2mm blank pinfire cartridges.  The envelope is in Excellent condition, showing some minor wrinkles, and a tear in the sealing flap.  The clear capsule is mint and unopened with the original “JAPAN” sticker holding the two halves together.  This is the very first one of these envelopes I have ever seen, and is obviously 12 times rarer than the capsule.  A great accessory piece for your 2mm pinfire collection.  Price:  $50.00.

2mm-pinfire-capsule-envelope-1 2mm-pinfire-capsule-envelope-2 2mm-pinfire-capsule-envelope-3