Project Description

!!!!!ON LAY-A-WAY!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale fully functional Colt 1911 made in Japan by Navy Blue.  2 13/16″ long overall with a 1 9/16″ barrel of about .144 caliber.  The metal parts are made of sterling silver and finished to look like satin stainless steel.  Checkered double diamond grips with two silver retaining screws on each side.  Fully functional, this miniature will feed, chamber, extract, & eject the included seven dummy cartridges when the action is cycled manually  The slide locks back on an empty magazine.  Functional thumb and grip safeties.  The barrel is not bored all the way through.  Typical Colt staked front sight and dovetailed windage adjustable rear sight.  The mainspring housing and magazine both with lanyard loops.  The rear of the slide is properly serrated on both sides.  The magazine release, hammer spur, and recoil spring plug are  checkered.  The slide stop is serrated.  The right side of the frame marked “GOVERNMENT MODEL, C92721”, in two lines.  This is a civilian serial number, not a military one.  The right side of the slide marked “COLT AUTOMATIC, CALIBRE 45” in two lines.  The left side of the slide marked “PATENTED APR 20, 1897, SEPT 9, 1902, (SPACE), COLT PT F.A CO, DEC 19, 1905, FEB 14, 1911, AUG 19, 1913, (SPACE), HARTFORD CT. U S A”  The left rear of the slide with the Colt rampant horse logo.  Includes 3 original miniature .45 ACP dummy cartridges with “FA 36” Headstamps.  These were made in a very limited edition by Navy blue in Japan about 5 years ago.  This is only the second one I have ever been able to offer for sale. These are very well done with great proportions, fit, & finish!  Mint condition except for some minor light tarnish to the silver.  Stock # RA 08Price:  $2,250.00.  !!!!!ON LAY-A-WAY!!!!!  For WE