Project Description

This is a miniature of an antique cannon, or what I would call a howitzer.  When I first saw this, I got pretty excited.  I thought this was the exact cannon pictured on page 41 of Merrill Lindsey’s book Miniature Arms.  On closer examination, it is very slightly different.  The two differences I see is this one has a slightly larger bore diameter, and the barrel hanging ring on this one is slightly larger.  Looking at the workmanship and studying the photo in Lindsey’s book closely, I think the same person made both pieces.  So though not an antique itself, this piece probably predates Lindsey’s book which was published in 1970.  10″ long overall X 6″ wide X 4 11/16″ tall.  The bronze barrel is 3 1/8 long X 1 3/16″ in diameter at it’s largest point, with a bore of .647 caliber.  Brass sheet metal fittings held in place by brass rivets.  The wheels held in place by brass pins with rings.  There is a repair to the straps that hold the axle to the trail and they used modern Phillips head cadmium plated screws.   An interesting piece and would look great sitting on your desk!  Price:  $325.00.

Lindsey cannon-1 Lindsey cannon-2 Lindsey cannon-3 Lindsey cannon-4 Lindsey cannon-5 Lindsey cannon-6 Lindsey cannon-7 Lindsey cannon-8 Lindsey cannon-9 Lindsey cannon-10 Lindsey cannon-11 Lindsey cannon-12 Lindsey cannon-13 Lindsey cannon-14 Lindsey cannon-15 Lindsey cannon-16 Lindsey cannon-17