Project Description

This is a great little bronze eprouvette mortar that shoots corks! Precision machined from solid propeller bronze stock, it measures 2 1/4″ tall. The tube measures 1.438 in outside diameter and has a bore of .750. Comes complete with three corks, a powder scoop, a vent pick, and complete instructions for firing. The base has four threaded holes so it can be bolted down to a fixed base. Uses 4f black powder. An eprouvette mortar was used to test the strength of black powder received from vendors.  The mortar was placed on a leveled surface, and has a fixed angle of trajectory.  A certain amount of powder was required to shoot a ball of a certain weight a certain minimum distance.  Of course in times of war, they were used in combat as necessary.  You know all those wine corks you’ve been throwing away, cut them in half and you have two rounds for your cork mortar! Marbles anyone?  Stock # BNA-01.  Price:  $285.00.

Cork-Mortar-2 Cork-Mortar-3 Cork-Mortar-4 Cork-Mortar-5 Cork-Mortar-6