Project Description


This is a deluxe walnut case made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia for their 1/4 scale Thompson sub-machine guns models 1928 and M-1.  Outside dimensions are 14 1/16″ X 5 3/8″ X 1 13/16″.  Inside dimensions are 13 5/16″ X 4 3/4″ X about 1″.  The top of the case is inlaid in silver wire.  The center of the top is inlaid in capital block letters “THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN, CALIBRE 45 AUTOMATIC CARTRIDGE”.  The rear left top corner has a depiction of the Thompson bullet logo with the word Thompson inlaid in script.  The edges of the case inlaid with a double silver wire detail.  Push button latch.  The interior is French fit and lined in a burgundy velour for two 1/4 scale Miniart Thompsons, a 1928 and a M-1, along with a space for a 100 round drum and a stick magazine.  The interior has a wood block made to hold 10 1/4 scale dummy cartridges.  The bottom is covered in the same red velour material as the interior, and has four hemispherical wooden feet.  A great way to display and protect your Miniart 1/4 scale Thompsons.  The interior could easily be refit for a single Miniart 1/4 scale Thompson, or even one of the much scarcer Miniart 1/3 scale Thompsons.  Five Sold, one available.  Price:  $150.00.

Quarter Thompson double case-1 Quarter Thompson double case-2 Quarter Thompson double case-3 Quarter Thompson double case-4 Quarter Thompson double case-5 Quarter Thompson double case-6 Quarter Thompson double case-7 Quarter Thompson double case-8 Quarter Thompson double case-9