Project Description


This is a 1/4 scale M-1 Thompson sub-machine gun made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia. 7 7/8″ long overall with a 2 5/8″ barrel of about .110 caliber. Blue steel finish with oil finished straight grain walnut buttstock, pistol grip, and horizontal forearm. Standard M-1 sights, sling swivels, & 20 round stick magazine. The buttplate has the functional trap door for the oiler, but no oiler is included. Fully functional, but non firing.  Includes 3 rounds of solid brass dummy ammunition that will feed, chamber, extract, & eject when the action is cycled manually.  Also includes a 1/2 scale Thompson manual and a wood shipping crate type casing.   Mint condition.    Price Reduced:  $750.00.

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