Project Description

!!!!!Price Furhter Reduced!!!!!

This is a 1/4 scale Model of 1928 Thompson sub-machine gun made by Miniart in Moscow, Russia. 8 3/8″ long overall with a 3 5/16″ barrel of about .110 caliber. Blue steel finish with a varnished walnut buttstock and horizontal forearm.  Lyman windage & elevation adjustable rear sight.   Finned barrel with a Cutts compensator on the muzzle.  Detachable buttstock.  30 round stick magazine.  The upper & lower receivers were properly pantagraph engraved by the late Herschel Kopp.  Fully functional, but non firing, and will feed, chamber, extract, and eject the included five rounds of solid brass 1/4 scale dummy .45 ACP ammunition.  Includes a leather sling and a miniature Thompson manual (not shown).  Near mint condition with only some minor blue finish turning plum on some of the small parts.  The ejector plate on the left side of the receiver is missing one of the tiny rivets, and the magazine spring has been weakened from being loaded with dummy ammunition of many years.  Priced accordingly.  From the personal miniature collection of Joel Morrow.  Stock # JM-98.  Price Further Reduced:  $1,050.00.