Project Description

!!!!!ON LAY-A-WAY!!!!!  This is a 1/2 scale 1894 Winchester take down octagon barreled rifle made by Miniart in Russia.  21″ long overall with a 12″ octagon barrel of about .156 caliber.  Straight wrist, full magazine, crescent buttplate.  Checkered hammer spur, dovetailed front and rear sights, functional lever safety.  The steel parts are blued, except for the loading gate which is charcoal blue.  The buttstock and forearm are straight grained walnut with an oil finish.  No markings except for the “WP” in an oval proof marks on the top front of the receiver & the mating take down ring.  Dovetailed front & rear barrel sights.  Step adjustable rear sporting sight, Lyman long range rear tang sight.  There is a threaded hole on the left side of the receiver where there was once a saddle ring, but it is now missing.  Saddle rings were used predominately on carbines, but they were available on rifles also.  To take the rifle down, you must first drop the lever on the action.  This backs the extractor away from the cut in the barrel so the barrel can swivel.  You then flip up the lever on the end of the magazine, & unscrew until it comes loose.  Then holding the forearm in your left hand, and the stock in your right, you twist the stock 90 degrees counter clockwise & pull the two pieces apart.  To put it back together, just reverse the above procedure.  Excellent near mint condition, showing only minor handling wear, and the above mentioned missing saddle ring.  The rear tang sight screw head has turned a plum purple brown.  Priced accordingly.  Stock # PP-08.  !!!!!ON LAY-A-WAY!!!!!