Project Description

This is a 1/2 scale German Erfurt P-08 Luger made by Miniart in Moscow Russia.  4 3/8″ long overall with a 1 7/8″ barrel of about .172 caliber.  Blue steel construction with two piece checkered walnut grips.  The grips secured by a single screw at the bottom of each side.  The serial number “09” stamped into the left front of the upper receiver.  “1912” stamped into the top front of the upper receiver just behind the barrel.  “ERFURT” with a crown over it is stamped into the top of the toggle.    Fully functional, and includes three solid steel dummy cartridges that will feed, chamber, extract, & eject when manually cycled through the action.   Complete with a nice walnut hinged top case made for Imperial Miniature Armory  by Wayne Hoosier.  The case interior French fit an lined in a purple felt.  The lid interior is recessed to hold the included Luger manual.  Also included is an empty 16 round period looking cartridge box made by me years ago when I worked for IMA.  No case key.  Price:  $2,250.00.