Project Description


This is a cased pair of 1/3 scale Remington Elliott single shot “Mississippi” derringers by master miniaturist Larry H. Smith of Florida.  1 5/8″ long overall with 13/16″ barrel of .125 caliber.  Both pistols are beautifully engraved and have the one line Remington barrel address on top of the barrels.  Both have  gold plated frames, barrels, and backstraps with charcoal blue hammers, triggers, & pins.  Two piece ivory grips with brass escutcheons and a single screw entering from the left side.  The grip screw finished in the white.  The serial #’s, 169 & 170, are stamped into the bottom of the barrels and the bottoms of the frames.  Includes the original Larry Smith hinged top mahogany case.  The case bottom stamped “-L.H.-, SMITH, 169 & 170, E” in four lines.  The case interior French fit and lined in a purple felt.  Accessories include a brass handled steel cleaning/extractor rod and ten solid brass rounds of dummy cartridges with an impressed “H” headstamp.  Mint new condition and just a beautiful set!  Price Reduced:  $1,500.00.