Project Description

This is a 1/3 scale 5 spout powder charger made by Larry Smith for one of his 1/3 scale Texas Paterson 2mm pinfire revolvers.  2″ long overall & 17/32″ in diameter.  The flask body is made of copper while the ends & middle are made of yellow brass.  The nozzle end twist to drop the powder, the other end twist to drop the balls.  It comes apart in the middle to reveal the extractor rod used to remove the 2mm pinfire cartridges from the cylinder.  When taken apart, the bottom of the top section is marked “L.H. SMITH, – – , FLA.-U.S.A.,”, and the serial # “29”.  Mint condition except for the expected tarnish to the copper & brass.  These are quite rare as most of Larry’s cased Colt Paterson sets were supplied with a single spout flask.  Somewhere there is probably a Larry Smith cased Colt Paterson set that is missing this flask.  Stock # JM-159.  Price:  $500.00.