Project Description

This is a 1/3 scale Colt “Texas” Paterson percussion revolver made by master miniature maker Larry Smith of Florida.  4 1/4″ long overall with a 2 9/16″ octagon barrel of about .121 caliber.  The hammer has both half and full cock.  The cylinder must be manually indexed, and the trigger is fixed and does not fold, which is typical for Larry Smith Colt Patersons.  This piece is made to shoot 2mm pinfire cartridges.  Machined steel barrel, cylinder, & hammer.  The barrel, cylinder, & hammer are finished in the white.  The cylinder finished in the white with fire blue accents.  Silver plated frame and backstrap.   Machined steel fire blued wedge, trigger, recoil shield, & screws.  The top flat of the barrel roll stamped “-L. H. SMITH – FLA. U.S.A.-”  Serial number 139 stamped into the bottom of the barrel, frame, backstrap, and into the rear of the cylinders.  Smooth hammer spur.  Yellow brass cone type front sight. Beautiful one piece ivory grip with some nice figure and a beautiful aged patina.  You will note that there is no wedge screw, which is typical of Larry’s very early Patersons.  Accessories include an unmarked brass Larry Smith single spout powder flask that was made to hold a nice quantity of 2mm pinfire blank cartridges, but is empty.  No blank cartridges are included.  When the spout top is removed by twisting & lifting, the blanks would be accessible, and the ejector rod used to eject the spent blank cartridges from the cylinder is revealed.  Next is an unmarked Larry Smith brass lift top cap tin with a green paper Eley label with black print.  The tin contains a small quantity of cloth cleaning patches.   Also included is a brass cleaning rod with a jagged end, turned Walnut handle, and brass ferrule.  There is a three legged fire blued bullet mold marked on the right side “.12C”, and an extra cylinder finished in teh white with fire blue accents.  All the above cased in the original Larry Smith hinged top mahogany casing with slide latch.  The interior French fit and lined in an russet red felt.  The bottom of the case stamped “-L.H.-, SMITH, 139″ in three lines.  The revolver is near mint as new showing only the most minor evidence of handling with 99% original fire blue and 99% original silver plating.  The accessories are also mint.  The case in in excellent condition, but does show some minor handling marks.  Price:  $1,650.00.