Project Description

!!!!!ON LAY-A-WAY!!!!!  This is a 1/3 scale Model 1883 carriage Gatling gun made by Karl Furr & Paul Kuhni In Orem, Utah in October of 1979.  This is a ten barrel Gatling with the barrels covered in a brass shroud.  The gun is chambered in, and will fire, the .22 short rimfire cartridge.  The gun on the carriage is about 29″ long muzzle to end of trail, 24″ wide from axle tip to axle tip, and 20 1/2″ tall to the top of the magazine.  The gun and carriage are made almost entirely of brass with the exception of the walnut spokes and wheel rims, the steel barrels, and some steel internal parts.  The top rear of the barrel shroud is marked “MODEL 1883, No 19, CAL 22” in three lines.  Just ahead of those markings is a round brass coin like object marked “GATLING GUN, PATENTED” in two lines.  The top of the trunion housing band is marked “MANUFD BY, Colt Pat F A Mfg Co, HARTFORD, CONN” in three lines.  The bottom rear of the receiver is marked in engraving pencil “Made by, Karl J. Furr & Paul J. Kuhni, Oct. 1979 Orem Utah” in three lines.  The bottom of the trunion band crudely marked in engraving pencil with a 9 digit number that I believe is someone’s social security number, so I’m not going to make those numbers public.  The left top rear of the receiver cap has a spirit level for leveling the gun from side to side.  There are two very sharply pointed front sights, one on each side of the muzzle, so be careful as they will rip the heck out of your hands & fingers!  There are fixtures to hold rear sights on both sides of the rear of the gun, but only one sight is present, on the left side.  There is a tiller bar on the bottom rear of the gun assembly for directing or traversing fire in a sweeping motion.  The rear receiver ring has a removable plug to access the bolts for removal to clean both the bolts and the barrels.  There are two brass boxes mounted to the axle, one on either side of the gun.  These hold the four additional Accles drum magazines.  All 5 magazines are numbered “19” to the gun.  I believe each magazine holds 64 rounds of .22 short rimfire ammunition.  The gun is complete as far as I can tell, except for a missing trunion cap pin, one missing spoke on the elevation locking knob, and the small brass chain that retains the bolt access plug is missing.  The trunion pin & chain are no big deal, the spoke not much of one either for someone with a lathe.  Overall the gun is in excellent condition otherwise, I’d call it 98%.  It shows some expected patina to the brass, but I think that gives it an authentic look.  Furr Gatlings are the Rolls Royce of miniature Gatling guns, & they work like a Singer sewing machine!

Since this is a firearm, and is not antique, all FFL rules apply.

I have sold maybe 25 – 30 of these 1/3 scale Furr 1883 Gatlings over the years.  This is the first one I have ever handled with more than one magazine, much less 5!  The magazines easily add at least $1K each to the value of this miniature Gatling!  A once in a lifetime opportunity!!!  !!!!!ON LAY-A-WAY!!!!!