Project Description

This is a 1/3 scale Model 1874 carriage Gatling gun made by Karl and Keith Furr In Orem, Utah.  Serial # 152 is stamped into many of the parts.  This is a ten barrel Gatling with the barrels exposed.  The gun is chambered in, and will fire, the .22 short rimfire cartridge.  The gun on the carriage is about 35″ long from the muzzle to end of trail, 24″ wide from axle tip to axle tip, and 20 3/4″ tall to the top of the magazine.  The wheels are 18″ in diameter and 11/16″ wide with brass hubs & tyres.  The action, magazine, & hardware are all made  of brass.  The wheels, spokes, axle, & trail are American walnut.   The barrels, and some internal parts are steel, & the barrels are nickel plated.  The top rear of the barrel shroud is has a round data plate riveted on with the patent dates and manufactures information.  There is a very blade front sight on the right side of the barrel frame at the muzzle.  There is a fixture to hold the rear sight on the right side of the rear of the gun.  The rear receiver ring has a removable plug to access the bolts for removal to clean both the bolts and the barrels.  The trail has a hinged brass seat with a storage compartment underneath.  At the rear of the gun bottom is an oscillator with two groves.  The straight grove is gor shooting straight ahead.  The other grove sweeps the barrels back & forth 6 degrees and the handle is cranked giving the gunner a much wider field of fire.  The magazine holds 220 rounds of .22 short rimfire ammunition.  The gun is complete in every aspect, including the hanging chains for the trunion keepers, which are usually broken or missing.  The brass has some expected tarnish in places, & is bright in others, & would easily clean up with a little time & elbow grease.  There are some minor scratches, but nothing of any significance.  Mechanically excellent.  The Furr Gatlings are the Rolls Royce of miniature Gatling guns, and work flawlessly.  No kitchen is complete without one!  Since this is a firing gun and is not antique, all FFL rules apply.  Sorry for the darker than normal photos, I’m just not used to taking photos of things this big, & really don’t have the proper lighting.  Stock # JH-01.  Price:  $15,500.00.