Project Description

This is a 1/4 scale Kentucky flintlock rifle made by master miniature J.M. Hick of England, probably in the 1970’s or 1980’s.  14 3/4″ long overall with a 10 3/4″ octagon barrel.  As is typical of most British makers, the bore is not through to the touch hole, and is only drilled about 1/1/2″ from the muzzle, and there is no actual touch hole.  Machined steel barrel, lock assembly, rear sight, trigger, & screws.  Brass furniture, the crescent buttplate with a separate toe plate.  The barrel is browned, the rest of the steel parts finished in the white.  One piece beautifully figured fiddleback maple stock with a raised cheekpiece on the left side of the buttstock.  The hammer has both half & full cock, with a crisp action.  The left top flat of the barrel is marked “13” & “3”.  One of these numbers is the serial number, the other is the number of the series of miniature.  So this is most likely the 13th different miniature Mr. Hick made, serial number 3, or maybe the opposite of that.  I have sold a number of Mr. Hick’s miniatures over the years.  He was also known for his fully functional miniature brass steam locomotives.  Mr. Hick passed away a couple years ago, killed by a hit & run driver while he was out walking his dog one evening.  The piece is mint new as made, except for the expected tarnish to the brass fittings, and the patchbox door does not close completely.  Complete with the original Hick mahogany hinged top case with flip latch.  The interior bottom French fit & lined in a red felt.  The interior top with two blocks to hold the rifle in place, and lined in the same red felt.  There is a small rectangular brass plaque affixed to the interior bottom right front corner that is marked “J. M. HICK, SIDEWAYS, KILMINGTON COMMON, WARMINSTER WILTS” in four lines.  The bottom of the case had a cloth lining at one time, but only the backing remains, the fabric having long ago torn away.  The top of the case with an inlaid unmarked German silver rectangular escutcheon.  The case likewise near mint except for the missing bottom cloth covering.  A very difficult piece to make in 1/4 scale my a master miniature maker.  Price:  $2,850.00.