Project Description

!!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!

This is an case made by Herschel Kopp of Ohio to fit an Alex Baez 1/4 scale Colt SAA revolver with 4 3/4″ barrel.  This will also fit one of Alex’s Colt SAA “Bisley” revolvers.  The case is hinged top with a push button latch and the exterior is covered in a dark brown leatherette.  The interior bottom is English fit and lined in a red cloth.  The interior lid is padded and lined in an off white silk.  The interior bottom has the typical Kopp full size Colt .45 Colt brass cartridge head with W-W, 45 COLT headstamp.  Surrounding it are six holes fur the usually supplied six solid brass dummy cartridges that came with one of Alex’s Colt SAA revolvers.  Herschel probably re-purposed a jewelry case to make this case, and only actually made the bottom insert and relined the bottom.  Still an original Kopp case in my book, and I know there are a number of loose Baez Colt SAA’s out there that could use a nice case.  Stock # EC-05.  Price:  $200.00.  !!!!!Price Reduced!!!!!  $175.00.